Creating good quality SailfishOS ports with passion.

Motorola Moto G2

Fully working SailfishOS port for Moto G2 and G2 LTE. Bring your old phone back to live or buy a cheap phone to test SailfishOS.

Motorola Moto X2

Almost fully working SailfishOS port featuring AMOLED screen and curved edges.

Motorola Moto X Play

Almost fully working SailfishOS port featuring long battery life and curved edges.

Other devices

List of other devices that we support.

What we do

We are porting SailfishOS to unofficial devices in order to make SailfishOS available to more people. We are trying to make best quality ports with fast updates and all features working. We are testing every release and releasing updates as soon as we can.


Every of our port is free and open source. Sources used for ports are available on our github.


We are releasing SailfishOS updates as soon we can after they become available. We won't leave you without updates.


We are testing every update both OTA and ZIP to make sure everything that will be delivered to you will work correctly.


We do not collect any money for our work. All donations are spent only on next device to port (as devices aren't free we would be welcome for donations).


I've used the moto g2 port for some months, which convinced me in buying a sailfish X.
Thanks a lot!


I was skeptical on trying SailfishOS on my primary phone Moto G2. However, once I installed it, i loved it. It was smooth and intriguing. I used it as a primary phone for little more than year.


A good and very stable port. I use the port since more than 2 years and since about 18 months it got very stable.

Get in touch

If you have any questions we are happy to help. Support is part of our quality that we are providing. If you have any problems installing or using our ports or any questions we are here to help.